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Sell A Book On AmazonRemember our Amazon Kindle marketing strategy?  Attract. Engage.  Convert.  Today’s post will focus on engaging your customers.


Sell A Book On Amazon


In real estate terms, your “Book description” should read like an oceanfront home. Yet, most read like a trailer on cinder blocks. They’re either filled with a few paragraphs of half-hearted pablum, overloaded with the hyperbole of an infomercial or misted with vague, unsatisfying copy that fails to convert. Which is strange, because…

Packaging Is Everything.

Nobody actually reads much of a book before buying it. Sales reps convince store buyers with covers and jackets. Same with wholesalers and distributors. Consumers don’t read them either. They base most of their decision on cover, title, subject matter and author. Almost all buying decisions, up and down the line, are made on the cover design and the accompanying sales copy.


If you don’t give good copy you won’t get good sales.

Think about your own browsing. A cover caught your eye. The title seems intriguing. You’ve never heard of the author and there are no credible book reviews. You only have two ways of judging it: Read the book description or click the “Look Inside” Button. Which will you do first? Read the description, of course. What if you don’t like it? You won’t “Look Inside” and you certainly won’t click the buy button. You just lost the sale.


Now, how do you write a good book description? By understanding the most common thought a customer has when they land on your book page…


“I’m not sure I want to buy your book.”


Let’s open up the skull of a potential buyer and see the thoughts banging around his brain:


  • I’m not sure what this book is about
  • This book does not solve my problem (nonfiction)
  • I don’t get a complete sense of the characters or the story lines (fiction)
  • It doesn’t seem to deliver what’s promised in the cover or title
  • If the level of writing in the description reflects the level of writing in the book, I’ll pass.
  • I’m not sure what I’ll get out of this book
  • The book description leaves me flat
  • There’s not enough information for me to make a decision
  • I don’t like the way this book is described


If you can answer these objections you’ve probably got the sale. Now, I’m not going to lie, writing copy to sell your book on Amazon may be the most difficult thing a writer can do. Most of us are too emotionally involved with our work to be able to see it with fresh eyes. For that reason, hiring a copywriter may be a clear-eyed option for you. If the cost isn’t an option (I don’t know many writers who can afford it, truthfully) then you need to create some emotional distance from your work and write a description that could sell brass knuckles to Gandhi.  The Chairman & Co-Founder at Book In A Box outlines how to write a book description here.


Our readers enjoyed Sell Your Book On Amazon.


Next week I’ll explain formatting your book description.  See you then!



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