How To Merchandise Your Other Work With Kindle’s Before You Go Feature

You will face a dilemma when you get to Kindle’s Before You Go feature: Every page you add after the end of your book decreases the chances that the reader will rate or share your book simply because they might stop reading before they get to the Before You Go page.   This is not [...]

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Literary Rejections Are Badges Of Honor

In this final blog post in this series we’ll be taking a look back and reviewing strategies for coping with and overcoming literary rejections.   In 25 Women On Overcoming Rejection Janet Fitch states, “When I sold my first book, a young-adult novel called Kicks, I had a party and I put my rejections on the [...]

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Create An Effective Authors Page On Amazon’s Author Central

It’s common to get “pre-buyer’s remorse,” that awful feeling you’re close to making the wrong decision. It often stems from a suspicion of feeling like the seller has overly influenced you. After all, if the author’s so good, why doesn’t he or she have a publisher backing them up? Mostly, it’s caused by a credibility [...]

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The Power of Good Reviews

A few years ago, Yale professors Judith A. Chevalier and Dina Mayzlin did a study on the effect of user-generated Amazon reviews on sales . The authors made some fascinating observations:   Good reviews significantly increase book sales 1-star reviews have a greater power to depress sales than 5-star reviews have to increase them Reviews are [...]

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Faced With Literary Rejections? Stay Healthy

One of the most important ways to overcome literary rejections is to focus on healthy habits. When you get rejected it’s easy to fall into the trap of skipping your workout, eating junk food, and not answering your phone. Once you go down that path it’s hard to stop, so don’t even go there!  Getting [...]

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Advice From Other Great Writers

  Searching for some words of wisdom from other great writers who have experienced literary rejections? Keep reading for some inspiring quotes from well-known authors about their famous rejections. Reflecting on their insights may be a helpful step in accepting rejection and moving on.   Thought Catalog presents 10 Great Writers Discuss What It’s Like [...]

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