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Formatting Your Book Description

Ask Apple Computers if design sells. Then ask yourself if a well-designed book page wouldn’t do the same.   I can tell you for a fact it does. When I introduced color, headlines, and font styles like bold, italics, underline and strikethroughs to my book pages, my sales rose by 20%. Immediately.   Sell Your [...]

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Interpreting And Responding To Thanks, But No Thanks

A few years ago my husband and I were in search of overseas teaching positions.  We sent out dozens of inquiries about jobs.  In response, we received a variety of rejection emails.  Some school didn’t bother replying at all.  A few took the time to write a personal letter encouraging us to try back the [...]

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Book Descriptions That Engage Customers And Sell Books

Remember our Amazon Kindle marketing strategy?  Attract. Engage.  Convert.  Today’s post will focus on engaging your customers.   Sell A Book On Amazon   In real estate terms, your “Book description” should read like an oceanfront home. Yet, most read like a trailer on cinder blocks. They’re either filled with a few paragraphs of half-hearted [...]

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Overcoming Literary Rejection With Rituals

My daughter and I have a good night routine and ritual that we practice every night before bed. First we begin with our bedtime routine of showering, putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, and snuggling up in bed with a good story. We read for about 20 minutes and then turn on night-lights while my daughter [...]

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Use Your Competitor’s Page To Boost Your Book Sales

A friend once called me a liar. Another friend rose to my defense and said I was not a liar, but I got more mileage out of the truth than anyone he’d ever met. So when I say there are ethical ways of using your competitors to catapult you into a Top 10 category, I’m [...]

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Picking Amazon Categories For Your Book

Amazon allows you to pick two “browse categories” for your book. Think of them as the section of the bookstore you’d like your book placed (literature, fiction, history, etc.). You can select up to two categories.   How to Sell Books On Amazon   Categories are important for selling your books on Amazon because so many [...]

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Letting Go Of Self-Criticism

  “Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.” –John Lennon After 15+ years of teaching elementary school, I resigned from my first grade teaching position in the middle of the first month of school.  The stress had gotten so bad that I wasn’t able to [...]

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Buyers Find You By Ranking High On Amazon’s Search Engine

There are five ways a book buyer can find you:   Keyword Search Results Putting a search term in Amazon’s box (“books on infertility,” “Cleopatra,” “Vampires”)   An Association With A Competitor Appearing In A Competitor’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…”   Category Listings Clicking on the category link of a competitive book, [...]

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Writers Tools: Developing Resilience

  Does literary rejection discourage and bog you down or does it inspire and motivate you to work harder? Do you succumb to the pain or do you surmount the discomfort? As mentioned in last week’s post, research suggests that personality traits such as resilience are vital to how we process pain. If resilience is [...]

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Want To Attract More Customers? Invest In A Great Book Cover

“If you have already passed that hurdle of having a customer be attracted to the cover, and then they pick up the book,” said Patricia Bostelman, vice president for marketing at Barnes & Noble, “an enormous battle has been won.”   –New York Times     When have you ever bought a book with an [...]

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Why Literary Rejections Hurt So Bad And How To Cope

You receive that first or that twentieth or that hundredth publisher rejection letter. It doesn’t matter how many rejections you’ve gotten because they all hurt. Well, it turns out there is science behind the pain of rejection.   Literary Rejections   In Nicole Fisher’s Forbes article, Rejection And Physical Pain Are The Same To Your [...]

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