Will Blogging And Social Media Help Sell My Books?

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You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Kindle marketing article that tells you to use social media to sell your books online. Well, that cat needs to be put to sleep. There’s one and only one situation in which blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media can sell books: If you’re already a [...]

Marketing Strategy: Attract. Engage. Convert.

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In this post you’ll learn the best way to sell books online is to use a simple marketing strategy.  Book marketing is about letting people know your book exists, impressing them with the content, providing “social proof” that they’ll enjoy it, and removing every obstacle to purchasing it.  I can sum up my marketing strategy in [...]

Demystifying The Power Of An Author Platform

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At its core, an “author platform” is the number of people that follow you in some way—through social media, speaking engagements, email lists, website traffic, articles, columns, etc. The premise behind an author platform makes a lot of sense: Build an audience that will buy your books. What nobody tells you is that the only [...]

A Blog Series To Help You Market Your Book Like A Boss

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Every day for three months I checked my Kindle sales and let out a string of cuss words that made my dog blush. They were beyond awful.   Then I developed the marketing strategies I’m about to reveal and sales took off. Within three days I increased sales by a factor of ten. Within two [...]