Eye Tracker Heat Map of Amazon Book Page 2017-11-06T12:53:06+00:00

An Eye Tracking Study That Will Help You Sell Books


I commissioned a research lab to find out what shoppers do when they land on a book page.  Where do they look? For how long?  What areas are they most interested in–the cover, the title, the copy, the price, the reviews, the Look Inside feature?  Do they scroll past the “fold” or do they stay above it?  You’ll be fascinated with the resulting heat map created out of the respondents’ gaze patterns.  Many of the powerful strategies in my book, Make A Killing On Kindle, came out of the findings in this study. Be sure to read the book to see a full analysis of this eye tracking study.


This heat map is copyrighted.  You may publish it on your website as long as you’re kind enough to link back to this page: http://writingforaliving.us/heatmap.