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Have You Run a FREE 

eBook Promotion To Jumpstart Paid Sales?

Take this 8-question survey and find out how you did against other authors.


By taking this survey you’ll help build the first indie author database that gages the effectiveness of promoting FREE ebooks to jumpstart paid sales.  When we get enough author respondents we’ll tabulate the results and send you valuable information like industry averages for cost per clicks, conversion rates, ROI and more. This will help you plan, forecast and conduct future FREE ebook campaigns. But first, we need authors like you to take the survey.  THANK YOU!

We don’t ask for your name or the title of your book.

If you want to be personally informed of the survey results there is a spot in the survey where you can leave your email address. We’ll also make the results available to the public (once we reach 100+ respondents) by announcing them in author blogs and self-publishing websites. If you can’t take the survey because you’ve never run a FREE ebook campaign you can still access the survey results by signing up for our email alert.


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