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how to market your bookEvery day for three months I checked my Kindle sales and let out a string of cuss words that made my dog blush. They were beyond awful.


Then I developed the marketing strategies I’m about to reveal and sales took off. Within three days I increased sales by a factor of ten. Within two months one of my books hit the #2 spot. And within three months I approached $7,000 a month in sales.

As word got out, authors flocked to me for advice, attracted to the methodical ways I turned guerilla marketing tactics into stellar revenue. One author client hired me to breathe life into an ebook that established a two-year residency in Kindle’s basement. Its sales rank hovered around 550,000. In less than a week, I got it up to the 20,000 sales rank, hitting the Top 10 in two of her categories.   These strategies work for me, they work for my clients, and they will work for you.


Book Marketing For Beginners

This series of blog posts is for fiction and nonfiction writers overwhelmed by the complexity of selling on Kindle. It’s for authors who won’t leave a legacy publisher to strike out on their own without having a credible, go-forward marketing plan. It’s for Kindle authors seething with frustration at their anemic sales. And it’s also for the successful Kindle authors who want to take their success to the next level.


You have two obstacles that keep you from making a killing on Kindle:


A Belief That You’ll Be The Next Amanda Hocking.

She’s the Amazon superstar who got rejected by all the big publishers, threw her ebooks into Kindle with no marketing whatsoever, sold millions and ended up with a multi-million contract with Simon & Schuster. Admit it. You’re secretly hoping you’re next–that you’ll put your book on Kindle and become an instant star, with money gushing at you like a broken fire main. Well, guess what? Lightning struck Amanda Hocking. It’s doubtful it will strike you, even if you’re a better writer. Don’t let the fantasy make you complacent. Your book will succeed to the degree that you market it.


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A Belief That Promotion, Publicity And Social Media Sell Books.

Three legacy publishers have published me. I’ve been interviewed on the top 30 radio stations across America, appeared on multiple talk shows including the Tyra Banks show, spent thousands on public relations, and countless hours building followers to my blogs and Facebook and Twitter accounts. It helped, but only in the way that rolling up the quarters in the back of your sofa helps pay the rent. You have got to get over the idea that you can sell books on Kindle through social media or outside promotion. It is a colossal waste of time. Publicity doesn’t sell books. Marketing does. The kind of marketing you’re about to read.


My book marketing strategy will take you 18 hours to implement. I know because I’ve timed it. How is this possible? Because there are only about a dozen things you can do on Kindle to truly make a difference in your sales. Everything else is a waste of time, including and especially, blogging, Twitter, Facebook and almost all of the old-school marketing and publicity tactics.


Before we get started I would like to make an appeal to you: Believe in your book. Nobody believed in mine and now I make a great living as an author. You can, too. In about 18 hours.  This weekly blog post series will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help all your book marketing efforts.

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