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Sell Your Books On AmazonIt’s common to get “pre-buyer’s remorse,” that awful feeling you’re close to making the wrong decision. It often stems from a suspicion of feeling like the seller has overly influenced you. After all, if the author’s so good, why doesn’t he or she have a publisher backing them up? Mostly, it’s caused by a credibility gap. In the absence of a familiar name, an established publishing house, or reviews by legitimate news outlets, the buyer senses a plausibility deficit.





Sell Your Books On Amazon


Amazon’s Author Central micro-site is a way of shrinking that deficit. It helps overcome skepticism by providing an author bio, a picture, videos and a feed from your blog (if you have one). This information, properly curated, helps educate customers about who you are, what you do and what you’ve accomplished.


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It’s a stand-alone site that reviewers can click to, but more importantly, it automatically places your author bio and photo straight to every one of your book pages. The feed appears in the Reviews section (under More About The Author) with a link to your Author Page.

How To Get Started

Visit to create an account and “claim” your book(s). It’s free.   The directions are simple and self-evident. Just make sure to confirm the email Amazon sends you as soon as possible. It can take up to 7 days to process your confirmation.


How To Create An Effective Author Page

There are many ways to create a compelling author bio that will help sell your book on Amazon. For example, it doesn’t matter if you write it in first person or third. As for length, there’s no rule but I do have a guideline: Your author bio should be about the size of the bottom half of a bathing suit—short enough to catch attention but long enough to cover the essentials. There is no one formula, but all great bios do some or all of the following:

  • Create an identity.
  • Highlight a single defining moment that shaped or inspired a life decision.
  • Give insight and perspective without descending into needless details.
  • Stick to the facts and avoid hyperbole. Don’t discredit yourself with exaggerations.
  • Deliver the information concisely.
  • Use humor (when possible).
  • List awards and accomplishments without bragging.
  • State the author’s goals and intentions for the reader.
  • Showcase “credibility boosters” — items that build a strong argument for claimed authority
  • Describe differentiators that make you stand out from the competition.


Creating an effective authors page is an important part of my Amazon Kindle marketing strategy.  Come back next week for more ideas about using Kindle’s Before You Go feature to your advantage.

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