Faced With Literary Rejections? Stay Healthy

literary rejectionsOne of the most important ways to overcome literary rejections is to focus on healthy habits. When you get rejected it’s easy to fall into the trap of skipping your workout, eating junk food, and not answering your phone. Once you go down that path it’s hard to stop, so don’t even go there!  Getting over a rejection and continuing to work on writing requires you to concentrate of your well-being. Here are five healthy habits to focus on:



The mental and physical benefits of exercise are numerous. Working up a sweat helps manage stress, boost your mood, and improve your self-confidence. Don’t feel like going to the gym? Try a 30-minute walk each day to feel the benefits of exercising. For more about the advantages of walking check out 7 Incredible Results You’ll Get From Walking 30 Minutes A Day.



Who doesn’t love a funny TV sitcom, your favorite stand up comedian, or a humorous newspaper cartoon? Laughter releases stress, relieves pain, and stimulates your mind. The Huffington Post highlights 6 Powerful Health Benefits of Laughter. Search out experiences that make you laugh. As Bob Newhart said, “Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.”



Just as a toddler who is having a meltdown can be distracted by a set of shiny keys, writers can benefit from being distracted from a recent rejection. Maybe it helps to work on a crossword puzzle, play a game of solitaire, or try out a new recipe. A good distraction allows your mind to wander and gives your mind a break for a short period of time. In Distract Yourself In Healthy Ways Mike Robbins states, “When we take some time to consciously “distract” ourselves in healthy ways, we interrupt the negative, unconscious and habitual patterns of our minds and our culture that often get in the way of us experiencing the peace, joy, and abundance that is naturally and authentically around us and within us all the time.”



When you connect with people who know you well you are reminded of your qualities and strengths. Talking to a friend, going out for a coffee with your sister, making a Skype call with your best buddy are great ways of connecting with others. Guy Winch explains the importance of boosting feelings of social connection. He states, “Rejection destabilizes our need to belong, leaving us feeling unsettled and socially untethered. Therefore, we need to remind ourselves that we’re appreciated and loved so we can feel more connected and grounded.”



Mindfulness helps increase focus, decrease stress, and improve emotional regulation. Incorporating mindfulness meditation into your daily routine has a positive impact on your health. Getting Started with Mindfulness is a great place to begin your mindfulness practices. Sometimes you don’t have an extra few minutes each morning to devote solely to mindfulness. The Huffington Post suggests incorporating mindfulness throughout your day in Four Fun Ways To Stay Mindful All Day.


Exercise, humor, distraction, connection, and mindfulness are helpful ways to incorporate healthy habits into your life. Sticking with these routines will help you stay strong when faced with challenges.

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