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sell ebooks onlineYou have a real shot at making Kindle cash. When I first published my ebooks they died on the vine. As of this writing, I’m selling about 1,200 books a month. Those sales are strictly a manifestation of the strategies in this blog. I don’t Facebook, Tweet, send out eblasts, clog editor inboxes with press releases or otherwise, in any way, promote my books.


Sell Your Books On Amazon


Attract. Engage. Convert.  This Kindle marketing plan will help sell ebooks online.  These strategies work for me, they work for my clients and they’ll work for you.   I said this earlier but I think it’s worth repeating: Believe in your books. Believe in their power to inform, entertain or transform. Believe in your power to put them in the hands of thousands of buyers. Believe you can do it in eighteen hours.


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