How To Get Amazon To Create A “Books In This Series” Section For You

Ever notice that some book pages have a section that shows all the books in the series and some don’t?  It comes before “customers who bought this item also bought.” Here’s an example:


Is this something you have to set up, or does it happen automatically? It’s supposed to be automated but often it isn’t. Here’s how to make sure it happens:


  1.  Come up with a name for the series
  2.  Label each book with the name of the series and this is important, its sequential number (Book 1, Book 2, etc.)
  3. Type the name of the series and its # for the affected books into the appropriate boxes in your KDP admin.
  4.  Click publish
  5. Wait a few days.  If Amazon doesn’t automatically create a Books In This Series bar, email them.  They’ll do it by hand.

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