How To Merchandise Your Other Work With Kindle’s Before You Go Feature

How To Sell My BooksYou will face a dilemma when you get to Kindle’s Before You Go feature: Every page you add after the end of your book decreases the chances that the reader will rate or share your book simply because they might stop reading before they get to the Before You Go page.


This is not an issue if you’re a one-book fiction author. But if you’re a multiple-book author in any genre or a business author with other lines of business the reader might be interested in (consulting, webinars, etc.) you should seriously consider adding a page or two to communicate these opportunities, even if it means decreasing the chances of a rating/share.



How To Sell My Books


The same reasoning applies: The best time to get a reader to consider a further opportunity with you is to reach them when they are most emotionally receptive to your message—the end of the book. We have already taken the first two steps:


  1. You’ve written a spellbinding novel or insightful how-to, business book or biography
  2. You’ve emotionally connected with the reader through an engaging author bio that reveals some appealing personal aspect of yourself


The next step is to create a page that merchandises your other work or capabilities. Let’s start with a template for your other books:


Title Of The Page

It needs to be something simple like, “More Books From Michael Alvear.”


Book Description

  1. Write a description of your book(s). If you have multiple books write a brief, descriptive paragraph for each. If you have one or two, write longer descriptions.


  1. ALWAYS put a link to your Amazon page. Make sure you don’t do a blind link like this: My Book. What if the link doesn’t work? People won’t know how to reach the page. You’ve just lost the sale because nobody’s going to try to figure it out on their own.  Remember, buying decisions at this stage are made spur of the moment.  Anything that puts a kink in the spur kills the sale.


At the same time, you can’t use the whole URL as a link. For example:


That will junk up your page, make it unreadable, and undesirable. Instead shorten the link by going to and pasting the Amazon URL into the box. For example, the shortened link to my Flirty Text Message Helper book is…


It’s short, not too ugly, and even if the link doesn’t work, you can still copy/paste the address into your browser and it will take you directly to my Amazon page. Here is how I did it for my book:


Also by Mike Alvear


The Flirty Text Message Helper: Witty Texts For Clever People

A collection of witty texts you can send to your crushes. Hand-picked by our team of writers & researchers, there are no cliches, lame poems or cheesy pickup lines. Categorized by 19 dating circumstances, these texts will help you build attraction and score a date.


Click here to check it out on Kindle:



  1. Add a section for other services and calls to action


This is the place to upgrade your readers to other products and services (consulting, Webinars, etc.). It’s also a great place to get feedback on the book, get ideas for the next one or simply get readers signed up to your email list. I strongly suggest you keep this section very short. If you start pitching like a carnival barker you’ll leave people with a bad taste in their mouths. Besides, you have to get them to that Before You Go page quickly! The best way to sell ebooks is to keep it extremely simple:


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Kindle’s Before You Go feature is an important tool to sell your books online and merchandise other opportunities with you. Don’t miss next week’s post on book rankings.  Until then…


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