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Can’t Figure Out How To Sell Ebooks On Amazon?

Are you…

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Overwhelmed By The Complexity?

Unfamiliar With The Laws Of Online Selling?

Confused By Kindle’s Ecosystem?

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Is This You?

You wrote a great book.  Everybody told you so.  Not just your mom, but fellow writers, even editors.  So you self-published it, cracked open a beer (or chardonnay, I don’t judge) and waited for the deluge of sales.   But you didn’t understand amazon kindle marketing so they never came.  Sales hit the ground like an iron safe sailing over the Dover Cliffs.  And when they landed, they started digging.

That’s how it went for me.   You probably bought into the two fantasies I did when I first started out.  First, that you’ll be the “lightning strike.”  The author, like Amanda Hocking or William P. Young (The Shack), who makes it big by simply writing a great book, slapping a good cover on it and watching the money roll in. Second…

Your Author Platform Didn’t Do Squat

You blogged, you tweeted, you Facebooked.  And what did you get?  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Well, maybe not nothing but pretty close to it.  You and I were sold a bill of goods when it comes to building an “author platform.”  Let’s face it, social media gets you closer to sales the way jumping gets you closer to the sun.

You should avoid the time-sucking vortex of blogging, Facebook and Twitter if you want to know how to make money on Kindle.  If you’re a non-celebrity fiction writer, that is.  Here’s why:  What in God’s pajamas can you, as an unknown fiction writer, possibly blog, Facebook or Twitter about that would generate thousands of followers? Second, how many unknown author blogs and Facebook pages do YOU subscribe to?

Enough said. Let’s move on.

Thousands On Marketing Didn’t Get Squat

Been there, too.  I thought the best way to sell ebooks was to send out press releases, go on blog tours, get interviewed by a magazine or two.  Even radio.  The result?  I made more money looking for loose change under my living room sofa.  If you’re like me, you asked yourself a painful question:

How Do You Sell Ebooks On Amazon?

Let me be clear. You can make money selling ebooks with social media, eblasts, press releases and other tactics. But the payout is astoundingly low compared to the time you have to put into it. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to be a trusted member of a community forum, build a list, blog, tweet, Facebook, make videos, write reviews, distribute press releases, and send out email blasts? And for what? An incremental sale of 10, 20 or even 100 books when you’re looking for tens of thousands of sales? That’s no way to sell your book on Kindle.

What If You Could Master The Laws Of Kindle Selling?

You’d sell a ton of books.  Not dozens, not hundreds.  THOUSANDS.

You see, as I discovered the hard way, Kindle has it’s own ecosystem and it doesn’t respond well to traditional marketing like advertising.  It operates on algorithms, “social proof,” search engines, the psychology of buying and how similar books compete and cooperate.

Once you learn how to market within Kindle’s ecosystem you’ll know there should be three levels to your efforts: Attract. Engage. Convert.  First: Attract.  You can’t buy what you can’t find.  That means knowing how to land on top of Amazon’s search engine results.

Second, Engage.  You won’t buy what you can’t connect with emotionally.

Third, Convert.  You won’t commit unless all your concerns are addressed.

You’d Sell A Lot More Books On Amazon

Attract. Engage. Convert. That should be the basis of your Kindle marketing strategy. These three words will help you navigate through Kindle’s ecosystem, plant your books on rich soil and watch them grow as tall as redwoods. As I said before, when I first started marketing Kindle books they sold so badly they were practically re-enacting the death scene from Camille. I was selling a paltry one or two a week. But after honing the Attract/Engage/Convert strategies I’m about to give you, each of those books zoomed into the Top 10 best sellers in their respective categories. And so did just about every book I’ve ever launched for my clients or myself. THAT is how to sell ebooks on Kindle.

My Guide To Selling Ebooks Online Will Show You How To:  span {background-color: #a0ce4e !important;}.fusion-content-boxes-2 .fusion-content-box-hover .link-area-box-hover .heading .icon > span {border-color: #a0ce4e !important;}]]>


Land on Page 1 of Amazon’s search engine with my “Leading Indicators.”


Get six wildly clever brainstorming tips for developing irresistible titles.

3.  SELL

Get a step-by-step guide to writing copy that converts.  See great examples.

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You’ll Also Learn How To…

Get Reviews That Make People Want To Buy Your Book

Read Yale University’s study on the effect of user-generated Amazon reviews on sales then I’ll show you how to social proof your book page with “strategic starter reviews” that give browsers permission to buy.  This is a big part of my Kindle marketing plan. You’ll also learn how to get good reviews by leveraging Amazon’s ‘Before You Go’ feature.

Pick The Right Categories For Your Book.

Amazon only lets you choose two. Learn strategies for picking the right ones. You’ll also learn how to increase sales through “Category Leapfrogging.”  That’s one of the keys to Amazon book marketing.

How To Use Amazon’s “Look Inside!” Feature To Clinch The Sale.

Customers can only see the first 10% of your book. Are you optimized for sampling? Learn eight ways to test if your “Look Inside!” sample will help or hurt the sale.

Price Your Book For Maximum Profit.

Sometimes that means pricing it lower than the competition; sometimes higher.  Find out why your goal should be revenue not price, the basic psychology of irresistible pricing and the five most effective launch prices. Learning how to market your ebook on Amazon requires you to understand pricing.

Format Your Book Description To Look Like A Million Bucks.

Use my easy-as-pie HTML table to create different-sized headlines and fonts. Then use bold, italicize, underline, center, and color formatting.

Overcoming “Pre-Buyers Remorse.”

All unknown authors have a credibility gap. Bridge it with Author Central. Learn how to write an effective author page using outstanding examples of real author pages.  It’s crucial if you want to know how to sell a book on Kindle.

Use Your Book As An Effective After-Sales Ambassador.

Learn how to make the last few pages sell your other books & services. You can do this by forging a strong personal connection with the reader and writing a compelling call-to-action.

Find Out How Many Books Your Competitors Are Selling!

How many books will you sell if you achieve a 20,000 sales ranking? 2,000?  Learn how to use the relationship between sales ranking and units sold to forecast sales. Find out what your competition is earning! Plus:  How does the company come up with their sales ranking?  You need to know this if you want to learn how to sell ebooks on Amazon and make money.

It’s a PDF Download. Start Reading It In 60 Seconds!


    Rank on Page 1 of Amazon’s search engine


    Ignite click lust with titles and covers


    Overcome buying obstacles through ‘conversion’ copy

$9.99 Claim Your Guide HERE!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Instantly downloads as a PDF to your pc, mac, tablet or mobile device.

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FREE! Comes With $30 Worth of Best Selling Books

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What keywords will get your book discovered? This is an encyclopedia of keyword phrases that buyers type into Amazon’s search engine when they try to find books in your genre.

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The first kindle marketing guide devoted exclusively to romance novelists! Answers the most critical question you face as a romance writer: How do I make money in a massively crowded field?

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Show up on page one of search engine results, see side-by side comparisons of good vs. bad YA covers, plus 10 examples of outstanding book jacket copy.

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Hey, Who Wrote This Book?

As a fellow author, I’ve experienced more rejection than any one writer could or should take. First, as a newbie trying to break in, then as a midlister and then even as a minor TV star. Here’s how it went down: As a full time writer (nonfiction advice) my agent couldn’t sell my last manuscript, even though I had written three books under legacy publishers and starred in a reality show that aired in 12 countries including the U.S. on HBO.

Then the recession hit and the floor went out from under me. I spiraled into a depression. Bills mounted. I lost my health insurance. I bounced around. I drank a lot. I packaged my work into small ebooks and sold it off my blogs as downloadable PDF files. I generated some revenue but all it did was slow my descent.

My comeback…

I put three of these ebooks on Amazon. They tanked. I fell into a deeper depression. I had to borrow money from my parents. My humiliation was complete. After a decade of writing I faced complete, abject, ruinous rejection. My agent abandoned ship. Publishers didn’t want my work. And the public refused to buy my self-published works.

But the money gave me just enough breathing room to reassess what I was doing. And one thing I noticed was that I bought into the Amanda Hocking fantasy that all you have to do to sell a book on Kindle is throw it up there with a decent cover and watch the money roll in.

So I took a second look. I spent 20 years in the advertising, marketing and publicity industries before I became a writer, even winning one of the most coveted industry prizes– Adweek’s Media Plan Of The Year. If I couldn’t figure out how to market on Kindle who could?

First, I pored over magazine profiles of Amazon superstars like Amanda Hocking to uncover the secrets to their success. It was as helpful as throwing a drowning man both ends of the rope. Most of the best selling Kindle authors who came out of nowhere to sell hundreds of thousands, even millions of ebooks, have absolutely no idea how it happened. Oh, sure, some will cite Facebook, Twitter and blogging, but I’m here to tell you that can’t even begin to account for their success. Take Amanda Hocking. Right before her books took off she had about 500-1,000 visitors to her social media properties. Do the math. How can 1,000 people drive 2 million in sales? Not possible.

Then, I read every Kindle marketing book and article I could get my hands on. They were useless. Well, maybe not useless. Anemic. The recommendations were all things I already tried: Participating in forums, building email lists, sending out press releases and spending a lifetime toiling in the social media fields.

As I pondered my discovery that profiles of breakout authors and Kindle marketing articles were of no help, I turned to a different approach. I completely immersed myself in Kindle, looking and interacting with it strictly from a marketing standpoint.

I soon realized that Kindle had its own ecosystem. And like any ecosystem, it is a world onto itself, immune to external factors outside its boundaries (like say, traditional marketing or social media).

To understand an ecosystem, a biologist has to know the climate, rainfall patterns, and other phenomena that nourish the soil to make things grow. To understand Kindle’s ecosystem, you have to understand how one organism interacts with another. How do books compete and cooperate? And what goes on between books and readers that lead to a buy click?

You also have to understand the larger environment; that is, how the Internet influences the psychology of purchasing. And you need to learn the topography of one part of that environment—Amazon, and its main source of energy, the search engine.

Once I understood Kindle’s ecosystem, I realized that marketing activity had to take place within its natural boundaries, not outside of them.

Fortunately, I was uniquely suited to develop strategies for this ecosystem. I not only had a 20-year career in advertising, marketing and promotion, I had in-depth experience in selling PDF-versions of ebooks from five blogs for over three years. This sharpened my expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) and “conversion selling,” the process of engaging the customer in a way that leads to a buy click.

Certain dynamics must be in place for a conversion (a sale) to take place. So, when I see a tactic that violates, ignores, or diminishes those dynamics I know it’s absolutely useless. I have tried every imaginable selling tactic. Some have led to spectacular failures, others to exquisite successes. And because of that, I have developed an exquisitely tuned bullshit detector for what works and what won’t.

As I swam through Kindle’s ecosystem I developed a three-word mantra: Attract. Engage. Convert. It’s my shorthand for three bedrock principles:

  1. Attract:   You can’t buy what you can’t find
  2. Engage: You won’t buy what you can’t connect with
  3. Convert: You won’t commit unless all your concerns are addressed

Attract. Engage. Convert. These three words will help you navigate through Kindle’s ecosystem, plant your books on rich soil and watch them grow as tall as redwoods. As I said before, when I first started on Kindle my ebooks were selling so badly they were re-enacting the death scene from Camille on a daily basis. I was selling a paltry one or two a week. But after unlocking Kindle’s secrets and honing the Attract/Engage/Convert strategies I’m about to give you, each of those books zoomed into the Top 10 best sellers in their respective categories. And so did just about every book I’ve ever launched for my clients or myself.

One last thing before we get started.   You must be a talented writer with a worthy book for a thirsty market or my strategies won’t work. This book is not about the triumph of marketing over quality. It’s about marketing quality. For the most part, the only thing marketing can do for a bad book is hasten its demise.

how to sell books online

Grab It Here! Only $9.99SellMoreEbooksToday!What Are People Saying?

Chapter 8 teaches something I have seen nowhere else, and I truly shouted WOOHOO! Woke the dog. Startled the cats. Yep! Positively brilliant and very useful. Worth the price of admission for sure!  A classic on how to make money from ebooks. The techniques for the title, cover, and research are rock solid and definitely I would follow all of that to the letter.  Chapter 14 shows you how many books you’re likely to sell at various sales ranks. This takes the mystery out of sales.  Following most of what the author suggests definitely sets you on the path to sales success with your book. I highly recommend the book to any author.

David, 29

How can I sell my book on Amazon?  That was my burning question and this book showed me how to do it.  You do have to be a highly motivated self publishing author, I must say.  Although the author simplifies everything I DID have to spend some time learning it. Best read thus far on eBook marketing!

Susan, 41

I have read a lot on the subject of how to sell a book online but this book surprised me. First of all, it talks about the fact that you do not need an author platform in order to sell books (something that most everyone else says) – so no Twitter, Facebook and blogging! This actually confirms my experience of a few months trying to jumpstart my sales. Secondly, the action steps are very clear – and achievable! Sometimes I see advice that I am not sure will work for me or I simply don’t want to do (too expensive, too technical). This book is a good investment.

Jill, 30

This book is a step by step guide to find success on Amazon. Easy to understand and infused with humor, this felt like I was in the room with the author, not getting “talked at” but having a real conversation. So good that I bought his book on selling fiction.

Sheila, 29

As an author with novels (and planned nonfiction books) on Amazon, I found this book extremely informative. I plan on immediately implementing the 12 steps.  I’m an author not a marketer or techno genius, so what I liked most was how practical the advice was, and how each step included specific instructions with templates and examples. Want to know how to sell books on Kindle?  Look no further.

Jason, 32

I liked Michael’s Amazon Kindle marketing strategy because it was written in a way that was easy to understand and follow, but at the same time it was filled with useful information that I really am going to put into practice. I don’t know if the results are going to be the ones that I desire, but I know that this book made me believe that I can self-publish my own one.

Mark, 45

I loved this book. Michael preaches freedom from Facebook and Blogging oppression. At last. His no nonsense approach is the best advice I’ve found in my entire writing career. I’ve only put into practice half of what he recommends and already my sales doubled.  Want to know how to make money selling ebooks?  This is it.

Samantha, 32

A book written with just the right amount of serious punch and refreshing humour. Each chapter is easy to follow (except the one with all the numbers and statistics which my brain refused to process, even though I know it’s a necessary evil). The best thing about this “how to market your kindle book” guide is that it gives authors hope and that by following the simple tips and tricks in this book, they too can Make a Killing on Kindle! I’m ready for the next course and will buy How to Sell Fiction on Kindle.

Tammy, 39Grab It Here! Only $9.99Frequently Asked Questions span {background-color: #a0ce4e !important;}.fusion-content-boxes-3 .fusion-content-box-hover .link-area-box-hover .heading .icon > span {border-color: #a0ce4e !important;}]]>

Do You Offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?
Yes!  If you are not completely satisfied with my book, you will be given a full refund.  If you don’t laugh at, learn from, and love this book, simply email me at [email protected] dot net and I’ll gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

Take a look at PayPal’s return policy. Ours is a better deal than theirs!

How Secure is the Server? How Will My Identity Be Protected?
Your security and identity protection are important to us.  We use one of the most respected shopping cart/financial processing firms out there (Get DPD and Stripe).  Your email address will only be used for sending you the link to the downloads.

How Do I Download The Book?
My books will be available as PDF downloads—the industry standard for digital downloads. After you complete your purchase you will receive a receipt for your purchase and a link to the download page. These will arrive as two separate emails.  Make sure you check your junk mail in case the receipt and download page accidentally end up there.  After you receive the emails, click on the download links and the books will transferred to your pc, mac, tablet or smartphone. This usually takes 60 seconds after completing the purchase.  Now you’re ready to start reading!

What Qualifies You As An Expert?
I’ve been a sex and relationships columnist for the last twelve years. As you can see in Wikipedia, I’ve also authored 8 books on the subject, including Sex Inspectors Master Class: How To Have An Amazing Sex Life (based on the TV series I co-hosted that aired in the UK on Channel 4 and on HBO). I also blog for the Huffington Post, have written for the New York Times and done multiple commentaries on NPR’s All Things Considered. I’ve also been profiled in magazines like Marie Claire and Creative Loafing, and written for WebMD.

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