Marketing Strategy: Attract. Engage. Convert.

how to sell booksIn this post you’ll learn the best way to sell books online is to use a simple marketing strategy.  Book marketing is about letting people know your book exists, impressing them with the content, providing “social proof” that they’ll enjoy it, and removing every obstacle to purchasing it.  I can sum up my marketing strategy in three words: Attract. Engage. Convert. You must learn how to overcome the unique obstacles in each of these phases of the book selling process in order to gain the glory of adding commas to your checking account.


How To Sell Books


  1.  Attract.

You can’t buy what you can’t find and you won’t buy what doesn’t look good. Attracting book browsers to your page requires an artful mix of SEO (search engine optimization), standout covers, clickable titles and clever incentives. Attraction is a two-step process: Search And Seduce. First, you get to the top of Amazon’s search engine results and then you seduce book browsers with the look and feel of your book and the way you communicate its contents.

Once, an international flight was forced to return to Paris by a misunderstanding. The air marshal on the plane discovered a handwritten message that said, “B-O-B”. He interpreted it as, “Bomb On Board.” But it turned out to be an often-used acronym by cabin crew to refer to an attractive passenger: “Best On Board.”


Be a B-O-B.



  1. Engage.

You’ve searched. You’ve seduced. How will you engage? Once you get them to your book page how will you create an emotional connection to your work? How will you phrase the “Book Description?” How can you merchandise the look of the page to make it more appealing? What will they see when they click on the “Look Inside!” button? How do you project relevance (nonfiction) or the promise of entertainment (fiction)?


All these questions go to content—the manuscript itself and the way you communicate its features and benefits. Your goal is to tell the truth but to tell it well.



  1. Convert.

Have you removed all the obstacles to purchasing? Have you taken into account what stops people from clicking the buy button and addressed them? Many people could be primed to buy but your price puts them off (too high/too low), or they get nervous that nobody’s reviewed the book. How do you overcome “pre-buyer’s remorse?” That’s the fear that you’re about to buy something you’ll later regret. It is a huge obstacle for first-time or unknown authors.



Click here for a comprehensive look at How To Sell Books



Attract. Engage. Convert. This is the model we’ll be using to help you learn how to sell books online and make money. Are you ready to rock? Let’s roll.

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