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lose weight without dietingCan You Eat What You Want & Still Lose Weight?  


Yes, but with a lot of qualifiers, contends this nifty little book that hit the Wall Street Journal’s best seller list.  The author dispenses with the idea of dieting, calling it a failed strategy with so many studies debunking its effectiveness that it should be codified in weight loss advice.

Dieting requires will power which is easily depleted especially in times of high stress.  Instead of will power, the author claims we need an eating strategy.  One that allows us to eat whatever we want as long as we REALLY want it.  And there’s the catch, loop-hole the author exploits so adroitly.


Yes, he contends, you may have a desire for those french fries but how strong is that craving?  By only indulging when the craving hits a 7+ on a 10 scale the author maintains you basically eliminate low-craving eating.


That’s a neat hat trick that actually works.  We tried it for a month and saw our bagel consumption drop significantly.  Turns out we were eating a lot of them not because we were dying for them but because they were there.


This book is chock full of strategies that allow you to eat what you want and still lose weight.  Highly recommended.

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